Saxtons River Montessori School

Our School

Our mission statement:

Guided by the Montessori philosophy, the Saxtons River Montessori School cultivates:

  •  a child’s innate curiosity and creativity
  • an inclusive, nurturing learning environment
  • a sense of community and global citizenship

The Saxtons River Montessori School exists….

  • to provide the highest quality educational environment for the children who attend the Saxtons River Montessori School, Inc.;
  • as a cooperative school governed jointly by the parents and teachers of the children, in the best interests of the children;
  • to provide a resource for the local community through the invitation of professional educators and other interested parties to observe the classroom, and to conduct such teacher training programs as are consistent with the other expressed aims of the Saxtons River Montessori School, Inc.

From the Articles of Association filed with the Vermont Secretary of State on May 24, 1991

The Faculty & Staff

The Saxtons River Montessori School staff is comprised of experienced teachers, trained in the Montessori approach. They carefully plan the environment in the interests of the children, and facilitate classroom activity by helping children progress from one activity to the next. They are trained to deal with each child individually, allowing her to choose from many activities within his range of ability. They stand back while the child is working and allow her the satisfaction of her own discovery.

Maeve Sabine / Director, Lead Teacher

Photo: Rebekah Willey

Maeve joined the teaching staff at SRMS in 2013 and accepted the Director’s position in 2015. She is certified to teach Montessori through the American Montessori Society. Maeve completed her B.A. in History and International Relations at Smith College and her M.Ed. in Montessori Education at Xavier University. She studied under a mentor teacher at Pleasant Ridge Montessori (the first public Montessori school established in the United States) and acted as a graduate assistant at both the Xavier Laboratory Montessori School and the Sands Montessori School. After completing her M.Ed., Maeve moved to Arizona to lead a Lower Elementary, 6-9 classroom at Patagonia Montessori Elementary School. Her appreciation for the SRMS community grows each year. The school’s warm, home-like atmosphere, filled with music and seasonal traditions inspires Maeve in her dual role at SRMS. She loves nurturing curiosity and cooperation in her students and sharing the joys of Montessori education with Southern Vermont families.

Hany von Gillern / Assistant Teacher

Photo: Rebekah Willey

Ms. Hany (pronounced Hah`nee) grew up on one of the main islands of Indonesia, Java. It is an island next to Bali. She has a bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry and an associate degree in English. Prior to coming to The United States, Hany was a research assistant for an American anthropologist during her doctoral research in Indonesia. Then she worked for an American NGO/non-profit organization where she went to the villages to describe and explain to the parents of babies with pneumonia and meningitis about the NGO program and to assist the parents during their babies’ hospitalization.

In America over the last 10 years, Hany has worked as an aide and a teaching assistant in a public school in Vermont and then as a teaching assistant in a public school in New Hampshire. Crafting is Hany’s passion and she sells her creations in a global handmade market place, ETSY. She enjoys listening to music, singing, swimming, walking and exchanging postcards internationally on Postcrossing. Presently Hany resides in Claremont, New Hampshire

Diane Allen / Office Administrator

Photo: Rebekah Willey

Diane Allen, the SRMS Office Administrator and Assistant Teacher, has an associates degree in Child Care and Development. She and her husband have raised 4 children together on their farm in Westminster, VT. She has been involved in many children’s programs and volunteered in the local schools. During her career she has held a variety of positions where she achieved skills and tools to perform office duties. Diane is happy for the opportunity to work with the staff, children and parents in Saxtons River’s “House of Children”.

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The Building

The Saxtons River Montessori School is nestled in the heart of Saxtons River, Vermont. This location is well placed to serve children from Saxtons River and the surrounding villages of Vermont and New Hampshire.

We are fortunate to have our little school in a beautiful village home, which reflects Dr. Maria Montessori’s original vision of a Casa dei Bambini, or a “House of Children.” In a house designed specifically for children, everything is child-sized and child-oriented so that the student can be self-directed and independent. Our Victorian farmhouse was built in the late nineteenth century and acquired by the school in the early 1990s. The playground and surrounding open fields are an integral part of the SRMS curriculum.

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Board of Directors

The Saxtons River Montessori School is a corporation owned by the parent body, which elects a Board of Directors to oversee the financial health and operation of the school. The Board is responsible for hiring teachers and other such staff as deemed necessary for the successful operation of the school. The Board of Directors is comprised of a minimum of four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to three Members-at-Large. At least one of these members also must be a Community Member. The Board and staff meet at least once every other month, and parents are encouraged to attend these meetings or have a board member represent their comments/concerns. Board members hold three-year terms.

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Parent Cooperative

From its inception in 1991 our non-profit school has been an organization governed by a parent body. When a child joins our school community, that child’s caregivers are granted a direct say in the operation of the school. Our collective Saxtons River Montessori School family–the children, teachers, community members, and parents–make SRMS the special and wonderful place that it is today.

The SRMS Board of Directors and staff meet at least once a month, and parents are encouraged to attend these meetings or have a board member represent their comments/concerns. Newsletters, email, the porch bulletin board, invitations, and board meetings are used to alert parents to school projects, needs, and events. Parents help organize and execute school fundraisers. Our main fundraising events are spread throughout the academic year. Due to the cooperative nature of the school, each family is expected to contribute wherever their talents and time allow throughout the school year.

With the active cooperation and participation of many parent volunteers, the school is able to: maintain and beautify the grounds and environment; teach a sense of community; utilize the unique talents and skills of its community members; minimize expenses and, thus, keep the cost of tuition down; and enhance the overall experience for our children.

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SRMS operates a licensed, 5-STAR rated, Early Childhood Education Program through the State of Vermont.

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